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Can I place an order by phone?

Of course you may. We are always happy to help you in any way you need. We take PayPal for online payment.



How much money do I need to put down to hold my item for me?

We require 25% down to hold an item.Of course you may put down more, or pay in full. Please be sure you are satisfied before placing your order.



I changed my mind? Can I get my deposit money back?

Since your deposit was taken all other offers have been turned away as your item is sold. We will now need to resell your item. We may, at OUR discression, apply the amount to another item we offer. This possibility would be able to be discussed.



When is the final portion due?

All items need to be paid in full before delivery is scheduled.



I live close to ValleyViewFarms North East Missouri (NEMO) 63530. Can I visit the farm and see what I am buying?

Of course. We are used to having people visit us here and welcome you to do so also.




I don't plan on visiting. What about shipping/hauling?

We will work with you on getting you your item.We do some short range hauling ourselves, or arrange other methods for you.





I have a preferred hauler/shipper. May I use it insted?

We will happily work with others. Let us know whom it is and we can contact them to make arrangements,or choose to make the arrangements yourself.




Your site says "SATISFACTION" guaranteed? Do you REALLY mean this?

We DO. We may not refund your money, but we will do all we can to satisfy you.We will work with you to make it right in your eyes.




I like them and what they do. Can I put myself on a future waiting list so that I will be ahead of new lookers next year?

We can do that.




I like them and what they stand for and do.Will they link up to me and my site?

We are brand new to a web site business despite raising animals all our lives.I would be happy to link to other sites in the future. Talk to me about this if you are interested.




Hey.....Why aren't you on facebook?

I am the reason. I am a personal person and don't want the world knowing everything about me. It has been my own personal boycott. I may in the future of this business have to rethink things.




Anthing I have forgotten?

Contact Bill or Jane. We are alway available (in between farm chores) to help.

Thanks for checking us out. Let us know if you like our site or I need to edit something.







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