I have raised pigeons since 1961 so a pretty long time. In all those years, I have raised well over 100 different breeds and many thousands of birds. My current favorites that I keep are Indian Fantails,and Archangels . 

When I buy stock birds, I always try to get the best birds that I can find. I have gone to great expense to ship in birds from show and performance breeders. My Indian Fantails are a combination of the show stock and the more typical type that you will see at swap meets and in various lofts around the country. The show birds have become very large as is typical with show breeders. They always seem to want the largest birds. I believe there is a proper balance within the breed which calls for a bird of 16 to 20 ounces. This is where I try to keep my birds. It's a work in progress. I have a wide variety of colors in the Indians and always have some for sale. I have found most of the Indian Fans to be very good breeders and parents. I never clip tails and they breed very well.

My Archangels have come from various sources and most go back to German imports as the Germans have been working with the breed for a very long time and are the ones who seem to have the best of the best in the breed. It's an important breed in Germany and there are shows dedicated to just the Gimpels (Archangels). I have many colors available. I raise them in Whitewing, Bluewing and Blackwing, both in Copper and in Gold. I also work on White flights and am currently trying to work on White tails. I've never actuallly seen a white tailed Archangel but it is in the standard. Usually have some birds for sale. Archangels are great birds for flying and will forage very well for themselves. They are excellent parents as well.


Archangels & Indian Fantail 


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