Cocoa brindle heifer calf





Clover bottle calf

Mini Longhorn


Luigi herd bull
Orion hiding assuming I can't see him


 When we moved to Missouri  in October of 2013 we began picking out our cattle. We

went to Iowa and bought a group from Dustin Pillard. It has been named by him, "WESTERN HERITAGE", but after 5 plus years of breeding and adding to our gene pool, we feel MINI LONGHORN more correctly fits the style we are breeding toward.

We have added stock from other breeders and states. People have used our animals for breeding, pets, and meat. We have regularly sold bulls for rodeo in Iowa, Missouri, and Tennessee.


We also have the option of selling steers if wanted that way. We sometime have bottle calves available. We only do so when Mom is not able to do so. She is so much better for the calf and we are a poor substitute at best. We let Mom wean them when she is ready. Calves are sold on a ready to go basis.

Our cattle mostly are calm with us near them. The breeders are not really petable, but most of our young raised here are. I do not bring treats out to them because they get aggressive to get to the treats first. I do talk with them and touch them whenever possible. Many of the herd react to me calling them by there name. I feel that they know that I am speaking to them as they turn to address me.

I really love my group. I have a focus on brindle as I love multicolored, and loud markings. We have plenty of other colors too.  It is so wonderful not to know what color to expect, rather than all black each and every calf. They are all different and easy to tell apart. Thank you longhorn blood.

We are happy to have you visit and see the animals yourself. Pictures do not look as good as they do. Please tell us what you are looking for and we will see if we can help you.

Tuffy 2017
Luigi herd bull
Clover wanting thru to us
Bottle calf Windy wanting more milk
Aubry and Windy playing
Moms and kids relaxing
Orion still hiding