Lil lions are something I am raising now, that is more like the designer animals seen around the dog and pet

trade. It is a product of a project I am working on. I am adding the harlequin gene from lion heads to Netherland Dwarfs in order to make harlequin Netherland Dwarfs. I also am working on Tri colored Dwarfs.


In order to get new colors in an animal, the genes have to be borrowed from a breed that already has the color.

I believe that the Lion Head is similar to the Dwarf, in many ways. Size, head set, weight are some of the ways that they are close to each other. Lion Heads have manes, unlike Netherlands, so that is something that will disappear as multiple breedings occur. They have a somewhat similar texture of hair, but Lions have longer hair throughout . With careful selection , and time, the genes will manifest itself as a Netherland.


So... what are the Lil lions? They are 1/2 Netherland and 1/2 Lions. They are smaller, have shorter, more typey

bodies than what you normally recieve when purchasing a Lion Head. Breeders often cross them to keep their animals within the standard size and weight. Normally the subject does not come up. So I am finding that

I am producing some beautiful animals that may not win a show due to the fact that they mostly are single maned. Still a great 4H project, pet, breeder for a backyard litter.


I have litters every few months. Call me if you would like more info.



This is Macho Man. He is 1/2 Netherland and

1/2 Lion Head. He is out of same parents as Doe below. Earlier litter. 6-22-17

$15/$25 with papers.


This Is Marcia. Not from litter above. Remember Marcia Brady. "Marcia, Marcia,Marcia. Nice 1/2 ND 1/2 LIon.

Small. Nice black color. Born 10-11-17.

$15/$25 with papers.


Moanie, 1/2 Lion1/2 Netherland Dwarf
Blue and tan Netherland dwarf baby





Lil Lion Head


Blu and Tan Harlequin Netherland Dwarf and Mom
Harlequin Lil Lion Head buck
Black and orange buck Harlequin Netherland Dwarf
Lion and Netherland Dwarf littermates