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Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Mocha Latte, Chocolate and fawn Harlequin Netherland Dwarf
Heath, Harlequin Netherland Dwarf
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I raise Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, and I have for 30+ years. When my sons were young they begged us to get them rabbits. Of course we did. They liked them at first, but they were work too. Soon we were giving away the rabbits that no one wanted now. Typical kids. I had to admit, I really kind of liked them. Soft, cuddly, and I did as a kid collect rabbits foot key chains in all the dyed colored you can imagine.Yuk! Now I realized I liked them but not for their feet. So I decided that if I wanted rabbits they would be what I liked. Small, all the different colors, this time not rainbow. Easy to handle, and not go eat tons of feed a week. Netherlands ,of cource. So it all started that way so many years ago. Here I am starting social security this year, and am a Grandma of 5 grandkids. I still love my rabbits. I love the coming out in the morning and peeking into a nest and finding my multi colored litters. It feels like Christmas and my birthday all year round.


So at almost 62, I love the genetics behind color. My husband is very sharp about the gene study, and I have picked up enough to get somewhere. So my project is harlequin, and tri colored NDs. I am using Lion Heads to cross with. My first generation is looking pretty nice. Not all, but a rabbit or two out of each litter makes it worth the trouble. I am not a person who shows, so I am not interested in getting the color admitted into the standard. I am interested in perfecting the color in NDs. So, that is what I am working on. I am afraid that the importance is lost here in Missouri. I am afraid that if you can't eat or hunt it or both, they don't understand why you would want it.


So, if you are at all interested in NDs that are half way there, or somewhere in between contact me about it.I am always full cage wise and looking for customers who have a good home to offer an inexpensive pet.

They really are quite beautiful.





























Netherland Dwarf, Lil Lion littermates
Blue and tan Nethelnd Dwarf with Mom
Black and orange Netherland Dwarf Buck


Handsome, Black and tan tri Netherland Dwarf
Handful, Chocolate Harlequn Netherland Dwarf