Peach Golden Pheasant Males

Peach & other colors of Golden Pheasants

Golden Pheasant males and Silver Pheasant hen
Golden Pheasant Splash Male




Peach Golden Pheasant Hen

We raise golden pheasants in various colors. We work mostly on Peach golden but also have Cinnamon, Red, Dark Throat and Yellow. We have been working with Peach for a couple years and have bred Red, Yellow and Cinnamon into them to strengthen the lines. We felt that too many Peach birds had been inbred by everyone trying to produce more Peach as they fetch a higher price. We decided to bring other genes from Wild Type (Red) and others like Cinnamon and Yellow just to make some outcrosses and strengthen the birds.  It makes for a lot of Splash colored birds but each Splash is part of the Peach color. Peach is a peculiar gene that does not breed 100% true, producing some Splash birds even when two pure Peach are bred together. These birds are the same as our Yellow Splash that was made from the Peach x Yellow cross.

Future plans include using a Dark Throat cross to see what difference it will make in the Peach coloration. The Red and Cinnamon based Peach seems to have a richer color than the pure Yellow Peach of the original coloration. It also makes for more dramatic contrast in the Splash birds. 

Having made some outcrosses, we feel that our Peach Goldens will be as strong and viable as any out there since we stopped the circle of inbreeding that had been going on since they were discovered. We have at least 3 lines of Peach going already which will help in keeping the beautiful color of the Peach birds in a stronger state than they would have been in without the outcross. 

As weather permits, we will be adding more photos so people can see what these magnificent birds look like. We often have birds for sale, can sell eggs for hatching as well. Usually a number of birds available by late spring or early summer. A few may be available at any time.