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About us and Valley View Farms

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In 2011 Bill and I bought Valley View Farm. In 2013 we retired here to live and work for ourselves. Finally!

Bill worked a 27 year career on the Rockford Illinois Fire Dept. I retired from a 23 year career on the Roscoe Illinois Post Office. We are now doing what we want to do, while working for ourselves.


We believe in purchasing the best breeding stock we are able to purchase. We feel that in order to produce good stock, your genes must be there first. We both love the genetic challenges behind breeding animals, and producing new and special colors. Bill has studied genetics for most of his life and brings a wealth of information for most all we raise.We currently raise Mille Fleur and Serama Chickens, Mini Longhorn Cattle,

Pigeons-Archangel,Indian Fantail, and Oriental Rollers. We have Peach Golden Pheasants and other colors of Goldens.


We believe in honest and fair dealings with all that we sell. We are always here to consult with on all subjects. We are happy to hear from you. We guarantee SATISFACTION or we will make it right!



                                                 28896 Marion St. Atlanta, MO. 63530-3108